A list of all my web properties and projects, all founded by me:

Onsite Snap

Procedure and Instruction Management for Contractors and Service-based Companies.

A Software-as-a-Service offering helping business owners to manage their field service technicians, while helping the service techs out on the jobsite enabling them to have all their job instructions and resources available to them.

Researched multiple US contracting niche markets. Hired virtual assistants to help gather and organize leads consisting exclusively of business owners. I made over 500 cold calls, getting 50+ deep conversations with owners discussing problems in their businesses. Documented 115 specific pain points, grouping them into 12 logical solutions that could help solve their business problems. I picked one of these 12 solutions that appeared promising. I verified interest with business owners and have begun development of a beta version.

I’m performing product designer, architect, and lead developer roles.  I also create and manage the various marketing channel required to gain traction and increase awareness during development. Tentative release late June 2016.



Hip Convert

Lead generation, customer retention, and custom solutions for business owners of service-based and contracting companies.

I work directly with business owners, constructing an effective plan to capture and act on quality leads in their local markets. Customer retention automation is focused on engaging past customers and keeping clients “top-of-mind” the next time their customers need servicing. Involves heavy use and expertise of email marketing.

Each solution is focused on assigning real business value to each business problem and solution, executing on solving the problem, measuring the results to determine effectiveness and how next to iterate and optimize. I utilize existing 3rd party applications and API’s whenever possible (MailChimp, Google Forms, Google Docs), and hire virtual assistants to create the workflow and systems configuration for each client.

I handle most clients personally, as I refine the service offerings and determine how to scale and automate similar portions of each project.


Pool For Thought

Pool For Thought is a niche content site targeting swimming pool owners and pool facility managers as a place to get and share knowledge and information on how to optimize the use and value of their swimming pool. Poolforthought.com currently gets nearly 5,000 unique visits per day, and also serves as an inbound lead generation source (pool contractors and builders) for my other involvements.

I am responsible for content creation, hiring and overseeing contract workers, website traffic growth, sales and sales strategy, marketing, product, and brand development.


Financial Analysis Hub

Financial Analysis Hub is a financial-themed content website focused on helping financial professionals and those learning about financial analysis have a place they can rely on for valuable resources that help them succeed. I have written and featured an ebook about financial ratio analysis where FinancialAnalysisHub.com website visitors can purchase the ebook from Amazon.

My key role is determining what other products and services visitors of the FinancialAnalysisHub.com website and customers of the ebook, and build out the website accordingly.


Software Design Proficiencies:

  • Writing user stories and use cases
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • API design and creation
  • Mobile web app design
  • Software design and architecture
  • Website design and architecture
  • Backend process creation
  • Software Infrastructure
  • Performance analysis
  • Multi-threaded application design
  • Algorithm selection
Software Business Proficiencies:

  • Email Marketing campaigns and list segmentation
  • SEO, SEM, PPC, Social
  • SaaS KPI metrics and analytics
  • SaaS pricing and strategy
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Niche marketing
  • Start-ups
  • Competitor analysis
  • Copywriting
  • Google Analytics, Adsense, Adwords, Docs
  • MailChimp