I’m goal driven and end-result oriented software developer. Focused, adaptable, and passionate about solving problems correctly yet quickly. I’ve been a Full-Stack C# / .NET and Javascript Software Engineer/Developer for 14 years, designing and creating numerous complex ASP.NET and .NET MVC web applications, systems, back-end processes, and MySQL and SQL Server databases throughout my career, plus modified and extended many more.



  • Languages: C#, Javascript
  • Platforms: .NET Webforms, ASP.NET, .NET Web API, .NET MVC
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle/T-SQL, LINQ, Entity Framework, Vici CoolStorage
  • Client Side: Ajax, JSON, jQuery, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XML, SOAP, Bootstrap
  • Dev Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, Github, Fogcreek Kiln, NUnit, NLog, FinalBuilder
  • Past work: PHP, Java, C++ .NET WinForms, Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Basic 6.0, Classic ASP, WordPress development, including plugin creation


Software Developer – Software Engineer III | SDN Communications
July 2006 – Current

Designed, built, tested, released, and maintain dozens of systems, Intranet/internal web applications, automated and scheduled processes. Determine user needs and requirements, design and create appropriate solutions, integrate with multiple legacy and 3rd party software and APIs, plus maintaining existing in-house systems.

Built the company’s first mobile web application. Responsible for two company websites, containing over 25 individual web applications, reporting systems, and access to 3rd party systems. All server-side development is within the Microsoft C# / .NET platform, but interact with MySQL and Oracle databases routinely.

Key Points:

  • Created a distributed and multi-threaded application backing up and reporting daily on 500+ customer devices, with supporting web applications.
  • Serve as an app dev technical advisor on company software and systems matters.
  • Regarded as the in-house expert on dozens of in-house systems.
  • Responsible for enhancing software development processes within the department.

Software Engineer | Raven Industries
November 2004 – July 2006

Created and maintained GPS software applications for the precision agriculture industry. All applications were built with C++. I successfully helped start the transition to the C# (.NET) platform.

Strict adherence to deadlines were required as software was pre-loaded to customer devices, burned to CDs, and shipped as a package.

Key Points:

  • Hired with no prior C++ experience, but learned fast and was writing production code in 2 weeks.
  • Required using advanced math skills: orbital mechanics, calculus, 3D polygon manipulation.
  • My code had to work correctly: It helped control multi-million dollar agricultural machines located as far away as Brazil.

Programmer Analyst | Capital Card Services
July 2002 – November 2004

Streamlined business processes via creation and enhancement of internal software systems within the credit card industry.

Required application creation and maintenance skills using Visual Basic, ASP, C# / .NET, plus Java/J2EE and PHP experience.

Key Points:

  • Helped redesign and implement a database containing the company’s entire data structure.
  • Regularly enhanced critical financial and back-end voice-response systems.
  • Became highly proficient in C# / .NET while the platform was in its infancy.


M.S. Information Systems | Dakota State University
2000 – 2001

Learned intermediate to advanced concepts in software systems development, telecommunications and data networking, database architecture, web programming, and e-commerce. Master’s Thesis: Online Tracking System. A design and implementation of an online web-based distributed visitor tracking system, where online usage statistics are packaged and made available to any connected system.

Link: http://books.google.com/books/about/OnlineTrackingSystem.html?id=RzFSOAAACAAJ

B.S. Mechanical Engineering | South Dakota State University
1992 – 1997

Learned and applied knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems. Design and conduct experiments, plus analyze and interpret data. Design systems, components, and processes to meet desired needs within realistic constraints. Function on multidisciplinary teams and communicate effectively. Active and held positions in Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, ASHRAE (American society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-conditioning Engineers), SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers).